Travel Insurance




  1. How much does a policy cost?

    Prices vary depending on both duration and where you are travelling to. To find out how much a policy costs visit the "Click here" and select your country of residence.

  2. How can I buy a policy?

    Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover

  3. Why do I need trip insurance if I have credit cards with insurance included?

    Credit card companies offer many benefits to cardholders in an effort to aquire and retain customers. Some even offer “Travel Insurance”, but cardholders should do some research before relying on it for their next trip.


    Travel insurance included with a credit card is very limited

    Usually travel insurance from credit cards is limited to coverage for flight accidents, car rental damage or for accidental death while you are traveling, but often this protection is in effect only when you pay for travel with that particular credit card.Most credit cards do not offer any coverage for travel medical expenses, evacuation costs, or trip cancellation expenses.

    These are the most common reasons people purchase trip insurance. They want to be sure their trip investment if protected against cancellation. Travelers also want to know if they get sick or injured while on vacation, they can get the help they need and any necessary evacuation.

    You can argue that the coverage provided with your credit card is better than nothing, which is true. If, however, you are looking for actual trip insurance with the best coverage, check with some reputable travel insurance companies.




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